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Simultaneous Engineering Ingolstadt
IFG - Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Beschäftigungsförderung, Ingolstadt
Location:Marie-Curie-Straße 8, 85055 Ingolstadt
Description:The development centre is designed for up to forty different suppliers of the Audi Corporation. Vital part of the building concept is maximum flexibility for the quickly changing occupancy of the building. This is achieved through user platforms with little spatial commitment. This way any office concept (single rooms, combination zones, open office) is possible. The building and its components survive on the multipurpose use of its parts and therefore its costs fall around 20% below the current standard. Pre-conditioning of air (warming in winter, cooling in summer) through an underground air duct, natural circulation, a foyer serving as a thermal vent stack, and heat recovery equipment result in minimal energy requirements from foreign sources.
Publications:DETAIL 3/1999 Solares Bauen
Bauwelt 8/1999 Schwerindustrie meets High Tech
Fokus on Zinc 11/1999
Beton Prisma 1999
Baumeister 2/2000 Ein Jahr danach
AIT 3/2000
Deutsche Bauzeitung 6/2000
l´architecture d’aujourd’hui 7/2000 Paris - Un hôtel Industriel
Intelligente Architektur 11-12/2000
Quaderns 230 Barcelona 2001
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 12.05.2002
Awards:DuPont Benedictus Award 2000 Washington
Deutscher Fassadenpreis 2000
Architekturpreis 2000 Metalldächer- und Fassaden
Balthasar-Neumann-Preis 2000
Stahlbaupreis 2000
Cost:5.315.000 €
Area:3.225 m²
Services:Design, Final Plan, Specifications, Construction Supervision
Architects:Peter Reinhardt, Ivan Grafl, Ingo Blatter, Ulrike Wietzorrek