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Villa A. Starnberger See
Description:The development of the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg includes a mix of agricultural estates, villas, and cottages which came into existence through their proximity to the city of Munich in the nineteenth century. The small former fisherman’s house orients its living quarters towards the east, and working area towards the west to the lake. The workshop part of the house was rebuilt in the same dimension and material as original and now contains two apartments. The staging of views to the changing moods of the lake is the central idea around the house. The openings can be completely closed or be seamlessly opened through sliding windows and panels in the facade. If windows and panels are opened, they create lively and changing landscape views in the rooms. The new building finds its contribution in the blurring of lines between the rural and the urban, the general and the specific, the known and the unexpected.
Publications:a+u 368 Architecture and Urbanism Tokyo 5/2001
AV Monographias 90/2001
Deutsche Bauzeitung 12/2003
Im DETAIL Bauen im Bestand Birkhäuser 2003
Awards:Das goldene Haus 2004, Anerkennung
Exhibitions:Wessobrunner Kreis: Alte und neue Architektur am Starnberger See, Münsing
Haus der Architektur, Bayerische Architektenkammer: Alte und neue Architektur am Starnberger See
Alte und Neue Architektur am Starnberger See Ostufer Münsing
Cost:268.000 €
Area:170 m²
Services:Design, Final Plan, Specifications, Construction Supervision
Architects:Bettina Görgner
Ausschreibung und Bauleitung:Christof Wallner